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Inspired by the inventive and pioneering spirit of Birmingham's industrial revolution, Anne  Bean, Mark Anderson, Ansuman Biswas, Helen Ingham, Kirsten Reynolds, Nick Sales, Richard Wilson and Bastiaan Maris conjured up astonishing visions in Birmingham’s old Curzon Street Station. The area throbbed once again with the sound, smells, fire, raw energy and illuminations of the station’s steam age past.

The event stimulated many weblogs and reviews :

“This is the sort of public art event that Birmingham deserves, being inclusive and fun but not afraid to aesthetically and intellectually challenge. It’s a shining example of what city-specific art can be and I cannot thank and congratulate all those involved, from the performers to the organisers who pushed this project forward, enough.”

“I was so blown away (intellectually, emotionally and just plain viscerally) that I had to go again on Saturday with my camcorder so that I could never forget what I had seen.”

“Fascinating stuff, fantastically well produced and not only one of the best things I’ve seen come out of Birmingham in recent years, but one of the best performance pieces I’ve seen full stop. The great thing about it is that it encapsulated so much of the spirit of Birmingham as a city into a single work. No hiding away from the truth behind what this city is about and where its roots lie. Industry and art work hand in hand to beautiful effect.”

“It made me proud to be a Brummie.”

"Even the trains from Moor Street were stopping to see the extravaganza. It was so good, I had to go and see it the next and final night that it was on. Even my hard to impress friend agreed that it was amazing. All in all, it was incredible, world class."